Footcuckold deserves to be humiliated by Mistress Alicia

Goddess Alicia makes a footcuckold worship her stinky bare feet

This young goddes loves to play with footfetish cuckolds like you. She knows how weak you get by staring at her bare feet, soles and toering and she uses your sick fetish to make you become an helpless addicted footcuckold to her. Right after you got on your knees and totally gave up yourself fot this young Mistress, shes gonna tell you her cruel rules – but there won’t be any escape anymore since your lips once kissed her sweaty toes…

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Mistress Monique’s feet need a foot-mouth-bath

Footslave is forced to serve Lady Monique as footcuckold

Goddess Monique makes her footcuckold kiss her stinky pantyhose and bare feet

Mistress Monique makes her footslave smell her pantyhosed feet while she sits on a chair and drinks coffe. After that she forces him to inhale her shoe smell and rubs her sweaty bare feet all over his pathetic whimpy cuckold face.

Her feet are not enough

Cuckold slave is forced to worship male feet in front of her

Footslave cuckold licks his mistress and her boyfriends feet on her command

Lady Kendall loves to have her cuckold humiliated in front of her boyfriend, and this time she really destroys him because she knows of his male-foot disgust. So first she makes him lick, smell and kiss her feet and after that she forces him to take off her boyfriend’s sneakers and start to worship his bare feet two.

Footslave worships his owners feet

Cuckold licks her feet and her boyfriends soles clean

This poor foot sucking pig is made to worship his mistress’ and her boyfriend’s feet

This is really humiliating for Jeff! He sits on the ground in front of his Mistress and her Boyfriend. Its not enough to make him just kiss and lick her feet in front of him, this time she goes on and expands his limits by making him lick and suck her boyfriend’s toes! Both of them break out in laughter as this little footcuckold sticks out his tongue to eat their toejam.

Two goddesses make one slave worship their feet

Two young mistresses are making a footcuckold serve their feet

Lady ChloeAmour and Vanessa V. are force their little footcuckold to worship their petite feet

Lady ChloeAmour and Mistress Vanessa V. have fun dominating and commanding this little slutty pig to worship their stinky pantyhose and bare feet while they are waiting for a photoshooting. He kneels with his little puppy face and both of them are amused to rub their smelly soles against his cuckold face.


Rub her feet til Tyron is back

Lady Mia makes a footcuckold smell and worship her royal feet

Misstress Mia’s foot slave cuckold is humiliated and forced to worship her feet

Goddess Mia makes her slave puppy cuckold husband smell and worship her socked feet while she sits on her bed and smiles. The footcuckold is commanded to take off her sweaty socks to inhale¬† her foot smell and sniff between her sexy toes. After that she wants her feet to be licked until Tyron, her boy friend will arrive…

Two girls, four soles

Amelia and Alida figured out your dirty little secret, and the promised to spoof it and blame you in facebook by telling everyone of your friends that you are nothing more than just a pathetic foot perv! There’s just one option to avoid beeing humiliated by those femdom girls: They want you to serve them forever. They want to own you, use- and abuse you as their personal fotcuckold who will never has a girlfriend and stays in chastity for them. It seems like there’s no chance but getting down on your knees and start licking the dirt off their boots while they both break out in laughter and call you a dirty footcuckold. After that they remove their shoes and make you smell their sweaty and stinky socks right before they make you lick their toejam between each of their toes…

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Goddess Angela’s wallet drain and footworship

Lady Angela makes her slave lick her bare soles

Mistress Angela loves to benefit from her loyal servants submissive fetishes

Goddess Angela always wins, this is a fact! It’s not enough to have her hubby cuckold worship her and her lovers feet and make the slave clean their shoes and eat dirt off their soles -this time she again raises his limits. She makes footcuckold john beg her to take his hard earned money to kiss her bare feet, sniff them and have them rubbed all over his face…

Liberty enjoys her footcuckold cleaning her soles

Mistress Liberty's foot cuckold worships her feet

Goddess Liberty makes cucki lick her soles and sniff between her toes while her lover looks out for the toilets…

Mistress Liberty is always some kind of demanding and she loves things done as she wants them to be done! This time she made her hubby footcuckold join her and her lover while the enjoy a dinner. He was made to sat on the ground polishing her shoes with his tongue and licking up all the dirt on her heels while she keeps laughing at him all the time. Then as her lover gets up to use the restaurant’s toilet, she puts her feet on the table and makes footslave cucky get up to show off what she can do to him and commands him so kiss her stinky feet while all the other guests keep watching them…